Saturday, August 28, 2010

What's New Pussycat?

(I used to love that song!)

So, what's new since that last post? Eh, not a whole lot. The girls are wild and crazy as ever, although Jaci is liking nursery and is actually excited to go to class- whew!

Kami desperately wants to give a talk in Primary (although I'm not so sure how much she'd like it when it was actually time for it) and she practices daily for it. Which has resulted in ripped scriptures. My ripped scriptures. My ripped Seminary scriptures. So we bought her her very own little B O M.

Carson boy (as we call him) is crawling, pulling up to things, climbing stairs, and his first tooth is breaking through! (bottom front)

Other than that? Not much here. I'm so excited for fall- my favorite season- and all that comes with it- Football, Crisp weather, changing/falling leaves, fall flavored Kisses.... you know, all the normal things.....