Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Say What?

A couple weeks ago at the park Kambria comes running over with a little girl in tow, who is panting heavily, like she just ran a marathon. "This is my new friend!" Kami announced. "Fun! What's your new friend's name??" I asked her. We all, including Kambria, look over at Ms. New Friend, who is still panting very dramatically. (bent over and all) We wait a few seconds and then Kami turns back towards us and says, "Her name is... - and then bends over and starts panting like the girl.

Last Fast Sunday I had to take the Girls out to go potty. As we were walking through the foyer to go back in a girl was bearing her testimony in an emotional voice. Jaci stops, looks up, and exclaims "Little Mermaid!!" Apparently the girl sounded just like Ariel to her.

Kambria phrases:

"It's ok, accidents happen"

"I freaked out!"

"What the heck?!"

Jaci phrases:

"I tired!"


"Thank you!" (I only include this common phrase because her voice is so teeny tiny and she always says it like you just gave her the BEST thing in the world)

"I'm Mommy!"

"I'm Kami!"

Everything is "cute!"